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What is a carpet tile?

You’ve probably already seen carpet tiles in offices, hotels, and restaurants; carpet tiles are ideal for commercial carpet environments. However, homeowners are discovering just how much fun, durable and versatile these are for homes, popping up in playrooms, family rooms, and basements. They can even be fitted together to make an area rug or carpet. So be sure to explore them when you come into our carpet store in Mesa, AZ.

Exploring carpet tiles

Sometimes referred to as modular or square carpets, these are typically available in 18 X 18 and 24 X 24 sizes in a wide array of fibers, including nylon, polyester, olefin (polypropylene), Triexta, and wool. These squares offer broadloom benefits, including comfort, warmth, and sound insulation, the latter having even more sound absorption because of the density and layering. This makes them ideal for noisy environments such as call centers and bars.

Mix and match the colors to create your unique design. Although they come primarily in squares, some manufacturers offer different shapes, such as triangles, hexagons, and even half-sizes. The design distinction is catching up to carpet, with technology adding even more colors and patterns.


Benefits of carpet tiles

  1. They are budget-friendly. Because they are small and easy to lift, replace and install, you only need to replace the damaged piece and not the entire floor. You also don't need to invest in padding, as these pieces are thick. Since it doesn't require as much cutting as wall-to-wall, there's less waste.
  2. They are durable. Because they come in various fibers, you can get the super-strength of nylon or the stain resistance of polyester. Olefin is also ultra stain-resistant and can be strong, while relative newcomer Triexta is already known for superior strength and stain resistance that's built into the fiber. Wool is often the natural fiber most often chosen because of its resistance to crushing (flattened fibers). Also, these pieces may be a better choice for some moisture-prone areas, like basements, because they have a thickness that provides better water resistance.
  3. They have easy installation. Just peel and stick, but also note that since padding is not required, the subfloor does need to be level.
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