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Why carpet and carpet tiles may be for you

When many of us think of carpet flooring, we think of rolls, often referred to as broadloom, for wall to wall or just big rugs. There’s another version, carpet tiles, that have gained popularity very quickly. It has become a flooring-of-choice for homes, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, and more. Read on to find out why.

At Taylors Flooring we get a lot of praise for our quality products and our installation. We hire only the most experienced and skilled installers because we know a good installation, not just product, affects appearance, performance, and longevity. Our customers say they would hire us again in a minute, so if you haven't worked with us yet, we hope to see you soon.

The benefits of carpet

  • Carpet comes in an assortment of modern, technologically advanced styles, colors, patterns, fibers, and price points.
  • It insulates against noise. The cushioning absorbs echos, vibrations, tapping footsteps, beeping devices, and muffled conversation.
  • The fibers trap pollutants and particles where they remain until deep cleaned, so those with allergies and asthma can enjoy carpet with no worries.
Luxury carpet in Mesa, AZ from Taylors Flooring

About carpet tiles

  • Style: They are sometimes just referred to as carpet squares. They come in an assortment of colors and patterns and various fibers and pile types. They can be mixed and matched to make one big rug or a smaller area rug. The squares typically come in 24 X 24 and 18 X 18 sizes.
  • Uncomplicated installation. Most come as peel and stick, or you can glue each one individually. They can be installed over most existing subfloors, including wood and tile. Your carpet retailer will advise you further.
  • Durability. Carpet tiles are recommended for playrooms where there can be a lot of running, dropping, and pull-toys. They are also used in commercial spaces, where there's a lot of heavy traffic. Many also come with enhanced stain resistance.
  • Minimal replacement. Sadly, we all experience floods or some other damage from time to time. With carpet tiles, no need to replace the entire floor. Just pull up the damaged tile and replace it.

To learn more about carpet, including rolls or carpet tile flooring, visit the Taylors Flooring showroom in Mesa, AZ. We serve Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, AZ. Ask about our estimates.