What’s the difference between luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile?

What’s the difference between luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile?

Luxury vinyl flooring offers so much to the homeowner. From fantastic looks to functionality to a great price, vinyl flooring delivers. But now you are faced with a decision, plank or tile? So what is the difference between the two? At Taylors Flooring, we can help you with that.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

It’s also known as LVT. At its core is plastic composite tile. It comes in a hard tile format, with varying sizes. It can mimic tile, stone, and brick, and even wood. The main difference about tile is that it is stiffer than plank and more rigid to the touch.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

It’s known as LVP. At its core is plastic composite wood. This is a different format than tile. It comes in long planks with different widths and lengths, depending on your choice. It is much more flexible than LVT, and it contours to the subfloor very well. LVP comes in a wide range of images, from cherry to maple, oak, and hickory. It has all the details of each species in the images.

Qualities of both

PVC is the main ingredient in LVP and LVT. PVC is a widespread construction material that is entirely resistant to water. Thus, the core of LVP and LVT is also completely resistant to water. Therefore, when exposed, it won't warp, ripple, or curl.

Which do you prefer?

The shape and look of the vinyl are the only real difference between LVP and LVT. It comes down to your preferences. Do you want a wood-looking floor? Or one that is a tile? Or stone? Grout can be added to enhance the realism of the tile and stone. So whatever you choose, you will find that luxury vinyl is a floor that can deliver.

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