Luxury vinyl and kids

Luxury vinyl and kids

If you have children, choosing the perfect floor covering might be a much harder task if it weren’t for luxury vinyl tile and plank. These options make it so much easier to cover all your requirements and preferences and still meet the unique needs that come from a busy child-friendly home, so read along to find out more about it.

The best luxury vinyl tile and plank for kid-friendly houses

You will need a floor covering that meets some specific requirements when you have children. Scratch and stain resistance are essential, and you'll find plenty of that in this flooring line, thanks to a top wear layer that’s created especially for this kind of performance.

You’ll also find luxury vinyl plank and tile provide complete imperviousness to water, which can also be a coveted benefit when children are in the home. But, today, spills, accidents, wet footprints, and more are no match for the protection from waterproof core materials.

When you visit our showroom, we'll tell you even more reasons why luxury vinyl is the perfect choice for your child-friendly home. Then, stop by any time to answer all your questions and find the ideal flooring available.

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